Georgians (story and critique)

Georgians By Shawn Servant dismounted before a guard who extended his spear and stopped him. He saw the urgency in the servant’s eyes and let him in. Dead of night, the servant passed the bogged ground and climbed the stairs. A squeal of hinges announced him before three knights at the table. Warriors listened to … Continue reading Georgians (story and critique)


Georgians (announcement)

Here we are, nearly at the end of July. For this month, I made a story called Georgians. It is an alternative history with speculative elements concerning gothic motives such as werewolves and vampires. Because I am led to believe that the history of one certain area may not be the well-known thing, I took … Continue reading Georgians (announcement)


I've been away for quite some time, but I had a good reason. Watch all about it in the video below. These two weeks I've been away from home were full of activities. I went to Niš, but haven't planned to stay there for long, That changed instantly and I had to drop everything I … Continue reading ROAD TRIP