Hunting a Howler

Svetoslav held the torch at the arm's length to cast the light between the trunks of the forest. He picked his steps around the twigs and hissed at the darkness before he turned to me. "If it comes to the point we need to burn down the forest, throw the oil." He gnashed. "Make sure … Continue reading Hunting a Howler

Legends of Sokobanja – An Alien Mountain Rtanj

Near Sokobanja is a mountain with very interesting features. I'm talking about Rtanj mountain (pronounced [r̩̂ːtaɲ]). A cone shaped terrain with naturally straight sides, it almost looks like it’s man-made. The highest peak is called Šiljak (the Pike) and it's decorated with a demolished chapel of Saint George the Dragon Slayer. On the northern side, … Continue reading Legends of Sokobanja – An Alien Mountain Rtanj