Blurbs for unwritten novels 1

Alright, I missed my chance to write the third part of "Pieces of Hell" saga, but I am doing my best to write what I owe you for the next month. Because I didn't write a story, I decided to do the next best thing. I am giving you novel ideas for free. I saw … Continue reading Blurbs for unwritten novels 1

Memoirs of MBT Arthur (story and critique) (FREE)

I counted 18 425 days since my activation. Time flies when you are seeking the next mission. My front deck crackled above the cooling heart of 1 500 horsepower, while the core status flashed red. Rustling dry grass rippled in the vast dark-yellow field touched by the wind. My filters registered pollution in the smooth … Continue reading Memoirs of MBT Arthur (story and critique) (FREE)