K9 (poem and critique) FREE

  On the battleground, battles were won and lost, Brothers in arms held the line, did what they must, Attentive perception, their reaction was fast, Everything they did, came with a cost. * Sunset. Silent sentries stood watch, salute, Courageously holding on the tears, mute, The flag was lowered, rifles rested at the foot, This … Continue reading K9 (poem and critique) FREE

The War Machine — RaptorPatton

Neon lights and Deified dollar Living deceit and daily defeat Bikes, skates, defined crank-caller Sign the non-compete, world on Repeat. Bend the knees to the Lord of Fleas Unrepentant or non-existent Loss and lost in sheets of frost Spying lands fertile and distant Neutralized opposition despite the cost. Paying nothing, taking is persistent. Hollow and […] … Continue reading The War Machine — RaptorPatton

“The guy from another league” by Kristina Gallo – book review

From the start, the author is playing with the motives of acceptable, and then it misleads us into thinking that everything is normal and sheds light on a rarely discussed topic of sex diseases. This segment is used to clarify the plot of the novella, shows us the vivid imagery of how it looks like … Continue reading “The guy from another league” by Kristina Gallo – book review