Zero-day (story and critique) FREE

Zero-day By Shawn   Cashier typed in a cup of coffee the third time in a row, shook his head, scoffed, and gave me an apologetic look. “Sorry. It is the system. This is the fifth time this afternoon. We must be under serious attack“ he proclaimed and gave it another shot until he gave … Continue reading Zero-day (story and critique) FREE

Legends of Sokobanja – Ozren Mountain

Ozren Mountain is settled on the south side of the Sokobanja and it rises 1 178 meters above the sea level. It has a waterfall Ripaljka at 11 meters tall and the tallest one in Serbia, ancient fortress Sokolac on the far eastern slope towards Knjaževac and a monastery of Archangel Gabriel and Michael. Ozren … Continue reading Legends of Sokobanja – Ozren Mountain