Nevada Resurrection on Patreon

Here it is, all edited and ready for you to read it. "Get ready to embark a cruiser and head for the UFO coming towards the Moon. Space Marshal Silani is taking his crew to the void. Planetary weapons stand ready, he knows this could be his last mission, but he is frightened for his … Continue reading Nevada Resurrection on Patreon


Night time blabbering 263

"Nevada Resurrection" goes public on my Patreon account. If you are interested to see the story, illustration and my critique of the story, well, you can become a Patron, or wait for a month to see it on this blog. What I can say about the story is that this is a fictional piece, heavy … Continue reading Night time blabbering 263

Nevada Resurrection Illustration Tutorial

Have you ever wondered about how do I make an illustration? Well, wonder no more. I present you a thirty-minute video of me illustrating one of the detailed illustration made so far. The story is coming shortly. It will be published on my Patreon account on February 3. 2019. Stay tuned for the incoming … Continue reading Nevada Resurrection Illustration Tutorial