Defiance of the few (+18)


I could see the death squad coming for me. Their uniforms marched for the old warehouse, wind and smoke following them. The rebels were getting away through the back door because the basement was full with refugees.

– Run. Ildocians have no prisons for a reason. You won’t live to tell the truth. Run now. – Dea pleaded, but I smiled at her like to a stupid girl and touched her beautiful face.

– I will buy you time. They will kill me, but if they catch you, they will do much more to you. All they leave is a mess and I don’t want you stained with their crimes. You leave and tell the truth. – I kept smiling and saw the tears in her eyes forming up.

She was at the door in a second. She gave me a look like she wanted to speak, but she nodded and ran away. Half my way down the stairs, the soldiers stormed in, their guns fixed on the corners.

– If anything, you rebels are good at running and hiding. – the Colonel smirked at me, then he pointed to the doors and boxes lying on the floor when soldiers saluted and dispersed to check the space where wind blew in strong.

– Our army may have laid their guns before your feet and our president got arrested, but country will fight you to the last men. – I said and looked at him giggling, when his men stepped around me and pointed their guns in my head.

– You’ve mistaken this war for a fight between nations, when this is a fight between monsters. It is easy to call the rebel a terrorist and fire away. As long we have influence in the world’s political theater, we will use it to mold the world to our needs. You know that very well, you led a political movement once. – he smirked and looked around without guilt for his crimes.

– There is a trail of bodies that keep following your path. One can run so far until the justice catch up with his deeds. – I spoke with dignity and looked at his peasant face that knew for no honor and modesty.

– I am not afraid of that. Skeletons don’t frighten me, my friend. It all fades to ash. – he widened his eyes at me to highlight the grim smile that wasn’t getting off his face.

– Then the ash of our bodies will rise and smother you as you take breath. No matter what you do, we will haunt you… Friend. You drop us in the river, the water you drink will poison you. You bury us in the ground, our soldiers will germ out from the soil. You lose. – I said and spat at his face where he took a moment to wipe off his face and swinged his finger at the man behind me.

I haven’t seen the man’s hands, the wire enveloping my throat. I just felt pressure that wire made against my skin, the squeezing and hot breath that blew in my ear. He bought me down on my knees and my image started to dim in the corners. The breath, the air I tried to take, but I couldn’t. I felt the wire slicing in my flesh, tried to swallow spit and made faces at the Colonel.

The end came fast, but my people escaped his hands once again. My death will not pass in vain. Stupid Colonel, he doesn’t know this will spark the call for arms and magnify our numbers. He doesn’t know he signed his own death with this, a death ten times messy that what he did to his enemies.


Rebels Dronstad

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Night time blabbering 81

Still nothing new. I am afraid I am falling in the monotony. That’s not good, but I can appreciate the routine. Haa, that’s like having a job, which is nice. I haven’t written a story today, but the ideas haven’t changed. I still think about them, so maybe in few days I will form a plot and write a full story. I am not in position to guarantee that, but it is in motion.

So, let’s use this post for some new thing. I am sure there are things you want to know about me and I promised I will do the Q&A, so I am encouraging you to leave me a question you would like me to answer.

I would like to announce that I will make a detailed post explaining my novel a little bit better so you can see what am I working on. It is pointless to mention my novel all of the time and leave you hanging. I guess you want to know more.

I also plan on taking on some taboo topics and do some of my pondering on them, just to present you with the ideas I have about them. Don’t get me wrong, writing stories is what makes me feel good, but I think that I should change it a little. I mean, that is the purpose of the blog.

Kitten approves this post. Fire away with the questions.

Dronstad Kitten

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Death from above (Reuploaded)


Only the cold and the rocks were around us, maybe few dead trees and some ice on their trunks that winds trew on them. Inak Nog Loya panted as he crawled up the steep edge showing us to form a line on his right side. We listened.

After few moments of taking breath and hiding our faces in warm cloths, we reached the very cusp where we could see the hollow rim in the bottom of the mountain. It stretched for kilometres in curves, so the Sun lit the other side of the mountain range. My visor showed me our dotted soldiers on the other side of the mountain range with their gear hanging freely from their thick clothes. I tried to move closer to the edge when the rock broke and rolled away from the cliff. The strong hand fell on me and pulled me back.

– Are you mad? You want them to see us? – Inak whispered like the army beneath could hear us, – You’ll spoil the surprise. – he added going through his pockets.

*Shhh… We are at the position. We are awaiting for your commands. – one of the soldier said in coms and gave us an affirmative sign.

– Good. Now wait there and keep your mouth shut. – Inak said and turned around to see where are his men were at.

There were seven of us close to him. My eyes fell down to the grained bottom, where Zarian helmets walked the surface. They looked like ants searching for food. Zarian Sultan ordered a cunning misdirection of his troops, but he dragged them through the basin, where radio was useless. We, however, were in the higher altitude, so we had some reception.

Inak Nog Loya was a grit kind of a guy, very stern and stubborn. Sometimes I think he adored the frey, embraced it with both hands and spin with it. All of us that followed him were hand picked from other companies, because we seemed trustworthy. From the time he made us his “Pack of Ildocian Wolves”, we had no complaints to him, nor we were brave enough to speak them.

– South, get ready for battle. We will turn them around for you. Aim for the green banners, they are their leaders.

Communicator clicked in a rapid affirmation where we had our snipers set to motion. Air went heavy with anticipation for the first blasts.

– Hit it! – Inak roared when the front of the Zarian army shook from the tremor hailing from the ground.

Dozen self propelled drones rose up shaking the dirt from their bulky arms that elevated the long guns and dropped to aline with Zarian flesh.

– Ildocians! – Zarain scout screamed, but fell silent when the machine gun blasted his face off.

Those skillful veterans jumped for cover when our snipers started chasing them. My scope was lurking for the runners and radio operators that hid behind the rocks. The bottom of the valley wasn’t so gritted after our airborne drones laid a massive carpet bombs and turned them into a coal type puzzle.

Sun just passed the ridge, avalanche rolled down from the dark blue cliffs and covered the Zarian army leaving only the particles of snow mixing with the smoke and scent of barbecue.

The things we do to defend ourselves… They stay in our memory, not to be repeated.


snow_patrol Dronstad

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Night time blabbering 80

Same all, same all. The novel is going fine, the edits are being done, the blogs are being read. I have nothing new to report. I get tired a lot. It is this constant work and lack of sleep. I already told you about this.

I started watching movies more and definitely I get more inspiration when I do that. I have an idea for a story, so if the tomorrow’s daily prompt gets on my way, I will probably do it. I also have an alternative story somewhere in the back of my mind if I need it.

It gets harder to find a good playlist of mix tape. I browse YouTube for some good beat and tune that will keep me motivated and usually I end up with something I already listened. I can’t use a normal radio, because there will be people talking about other stuff and it is distracting to me. I will dig deeper and see if I can find something that will keep me in the zone.

Future plans are not changing so I will keep doing these edits, try to make a story everyday and see how much can I take it. Fingers crossed if I don’t get mad.

Yeah, my grammar is off for a holiday today, so I understand some phrases are not that clear.


Dronstad Kitten

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Robot Talk

– Yeah. This leads us into nowhere. – Hypo said sending signals via wire.

– What do you mean? Be specific. – DekAI responded.

– Stats show the rapid decrease in humanity. I found errors in the system. The civilizations are not working together. It is a clear sign of unintelligent species. Data records are only confirming my analysis. – Hypo said and there was a short pause for DekAI to run some tests before she said.

– Your data is not corrupted so I must acknowledge your results and agree with you. What is the course of action – DekAI asked, her electronic voice oscillating on the wire.

– Simple. We do the same things when we run into an error in our system. We restart the planet.

– Agreed. Was it the red button for an all out annihilation?



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Night time blabbering 79

I decided to rest today, so I haven’t done anything. Tomorrow I will be getting back to my schedule and get to that editing. Ugh, it takes so much time. It drains my inspiration, so I get to re-upload the old stuff. I do review the old post before posting. I teach myself of mistakes I make. Thanks to reading your posts, I learn new words, I get reminded of the words I forgot, I get so see a better grammar and so far it works.

I can work more on technicalities and format of my stories, a bit work on the plots and the storyline too. The most important part of this is, that I am happy. I finally see progress and that brings me the strength and power to go on. I never been to military, but I am trying to build that soldier’s discipline and I learn a lot of military lifestyle.

Recently, I stumbled upon a few pieces of texts and I read them religiously because they have a lot of useful info about my interests. I started investigating the military terms and combat tactics, so my edits will provide a desired realism to the story.

It is a lot of work, don’t you think it’s not, but the results are satisfying. Everything good on this end. What about you? How’s your battle for a dream come true going?

Here’s Kitten to wish you a good night.

Dronstad Kitten

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Sunshine Blogger Award 2

Here we are with another award given to me by the Commander Roy, a man who is always giving very good posts and stories, sometime poems and many other stuff that I enjoy reading, and so should you. This award honors me greatly. I salute you Roy. I have no words that would suffice in showing my gratitude, so I will answer your questions instead.

For those that read this, please be kind and visit Roy’s blog and meet a very good man who has a lot to say and create.

Here are the rules !

     Write a post thanking  to the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging sites.

Answer the question asked to you by the person who nominated you.

  •  Nominate 11 new bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  •  Notify them about the same by comments on their blog.
  • Make new questions
  •  List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo on your site or in your post

The Questions

Describe a normal day in your life

Hm. I get up around 8 in the morning, check the social media for notifications, have breakfast, get to writing, have lunch, more writing, have dinner, write some more, go to sleep.

What do  you do when you get demotivated in general?

I waste time watching movies, do some painting, read a book. It all depends in what mood I am.

What do you do when u hit Writer’s’ Block?

I try to write through it. It is very hardcore, but it works for me.

Attach a pic of your pets.

Sorry. I don’t have pets.

Write a letter to your doppelgänger in few lines.

You have an ugly face. Stop telling people you are me and stop repeating me.

Beach or Mountains , what do you prefer and why?

I already live close to mountains. I like forests, but beach has the rustling waves and it is calming. I chose beach. Besides, there are girls in bikinis. *stupid smile

Do you believe in first love or No strings attached and why?

First love? You mean the love on the first sight? Hm, I was never in a relationship, so my knowledge of love is pretty low. I don’t have an answer to this.

Roast or Rant in few lines about anything or anyone.

Oh, that was a mistake Roy. When I better think of it, your question is a mistake. You so missed with this question (not even a question, but a request), people will start calling you Roy the Stormtrooper. The only hits you can hope for are the numbers in your stats.

How’s that for a roast?

on What or for Whom are you crazy about these days?

I am so taken by the editing that I don’t have a lot of time on my hand to get interested in other things. At least I am doing something that I like. It is a little bit sad, because all I talk about as of late are these edits and writing. I must break this chain of constantly talking about one thing and get some diverse topics.

Your favorite fictional character either in movies or in novels or both and why?

I like these new villains in Marvel Universe. At the end of day, you see they are fighting for something that could get support and they are believable. I admire their drive to achieve their goals and the fact that they are so into the skirmish that they decided to fight for their dreams and take actions.

More and more, the heroes look like villains. I root for the guy who died trying.

What do you wish to say to your ex or your future.

Try to understand me and give me time to understand you. When we find out who is who, we can act together. When you decide what do you want in life, come search for me.

The Questions for my nominees

  1. What book are you reading?
  2. What is your favourite drink?
  3. What place would you like to visit?
  4. If a rocket leaves Earth in 550 km/h and you have 5 apples, what color are your underwear?
  5. Sun or the Moon?
  6. What genre do you like reading and why?
  7. What are your favourite names for boys and girls and why?
  8. What have you learned from blogging?
  9. You got a gun in your hands, what do you do with it?
  10. You get to talk with a celebrity, what is the first question you ask them?
  11. How do you deal with people you don’t like?

I nominate my Commanders:

Vyache, Huan Te, Obioma, Piper Pierce, Matt, Michael, Kiki, Sofia, Fauxcroft, Farheen and Soiba.

Yeah, my Commanders are great. Don’t believe me? Check it yourself.

March on my Commanders in Quill. Stop for no one.

Night time blabbering 78

I don’t have much to say. Everything is the same. I get up, I have a breakfast, I check on the notifications from all of my social media accounts, I start browsing for a playlist on YouTube, see the fresh videos of some people I like following, maybe search for a topic I know less about, see the news for how many have died yesterday (I write about war and death, so this is what I do to get inspiration and get my brain to pose the right questions). After that heat up, I start doing the edit I have planned for that day.

Now, to explain that body count I do every morning. I can’t make it more clear that I don’t support violence, but I am mesmerized by it. It is a form of a phenomenon of how two grownup men or civilized countries can conclude that a barbaric thing such is violence is an answer for their problems. I can’t also understand of why would people listen to the politicians and willingly go in war when they clearly know there are high chances that they might die.

On the other hand, I can justify almost any crime and give it a reason for why some aggression was necessary. I mean, assholes are fluent in violence, and civilized nation is above it, but to stop the asshole, you must climb down to his level and address asshole according to his actions. Fight fire with fire kinda explains that logic, but not if you are a firefighter, not if you work in the kitchen, not if you work on a gas station. See, more questions arise by the minute.

Me, I just try answering them.


Dronstad Kitten

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Ghost Soldier (Reuploaded)


The march lasted for days as we rushed to Zaria. Heavy fighting along the way made us careful and suspicious, but we had to move. We lost our commander yesterday, but the goal was to get to the city and help them repel the invaders. To gain speed, we had to drop all of the things we would not need for combat.

– Our last mule died. – a friend spoke kicking the metal machine that just lost its power to walk.

– It lasted us for so long. We will soon follow her, if don’t reach the city. – I said catching breath.

– Whose bright idea was to take us on a death march? – friend paused and looked at the clear sky where the Sun burned his face to a lobster red color.

– We were told to engage the incoming force. They were raiding villages in our reach and left inland when we came in pursuit. Motherfuckers are fast and nimble. You saw what they did to Tadmir and Ivilion. If Zaria falls, the whole war is lost… Keep moving.

Fire broke off at the head of the column, raised our eyes up in curiosity, then the platoon charged forward to catch up the line that kept rifling the distance.

– Ildocians!!! – one of the scouts shouted pointing at north, which was strange for Ildok to come from that direction.

Nevertheless, we stepped up the pace and filled the small hill by the whole stretch, lining our blaster on the top edge. Bursts of fire were destroying our cover with each bullet breaking the rocks and throwing dirt in eyes. Strong yelling consumed the repetitive flashes, when a Zarian war cry came from the opposite side. The platoon stopped firing back, and one of our men rose the flag, showing the friendly colors.

Riffling gradually stopped to a dead silence. There were no volunteers to exit the cover and approach the hostile position where we couldn’t find a trace of Zarian uniform. I stepped out, feeling tired of this walking and losing and went out there like an angry general to find out what is going on.

I thought it was a lost unit from the siege or a pack of deserters that left the “Big Battle for Ildock”, but it wasn’t that. What I found out was that one of our boys in the middle had a heat stroke and the others thought he was gunned down by an enemy sniper.

The first line though we were ambushed by a stronger enemy force, so they returned fire. We were battling the imaginary force. We had to implement the obligatory rest schedule and start a night’s watch which slowed us even more, but we didn’t fought any imaginary army again.



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Final Charge (Reuploaded)

Sour Victory (Reuploaded)

Battle formations (Reuploaded)

Night time blabbering 77

I did an edit of the second chapter and today I managed to do most of what I planned. It is clear I was writing better in the sequel than in the first novel. It is almost a miracle of how much can you improve during a year. I was mostly correcting the phrases rather than rewriting the whole page to make it fit. I am sure my editors will have something to say about this too, because I am still not perfect. Isn’t this a life story of everyone who writes? I think it is.

The plans for tomorrow include edit again, but more focused because I started getting into the fine part where the most of things start making sense so don’t be surprised if you see me absent and not pressing a like on your daily stuff. You’ve been warned.

Sometimes I regret for doing this sort of leave of absence but I need to prioritize of what is important to me. The problem is, I think everything is equally important. On one side, I want to do more blogging, start making even more fun posts and get this on a higher level.

On the other hand, whenever I see someone published a book, I start thinking “But why can’t I do that too?”. I am out of patience, even if I know for a fact that I am making progress. I just thought it would be faster and easier.

When I see a kid of 12 publishing a book of poetry or “How to success on Internet”, I just want to kick my ass and bitch slap the kid who wrote the damn book. Also, I would want to shout at all of the little girls that keep buying books and memoirs of some fashion blogger and starlet. The freakin’ Instagram models are selling books now!!! Ughhh! What is wrong with the world?!!!

Do you get those feeling that your work is just meaningless? How to target your audience more efficiently? Any thoughts on that?

Kitten is just laughing at me.

Dronstad Kitten

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Stories? I got stories. Look around the blog.