Dad’s old blaster

Father came home, buried his blaster in the backyard near the flower alley and hung his uniform in the closet. His friends came to see him, family members and cousins from the village. They all rallied by the table for a lively conversation. They spoke interesting stories from the war, my father hiding in their … Continue reading Dad’s old blaster


Night time blabbering 178

So here is the horrible truth. Because I have a lot on my plate right now and it will soon start spilling over the table, I've decided to sacrifice one project in order to buy some time. Yeah, I know, it is potentially a bad decision, but I had to do it if I want … Continue reading Night time blabbering 178

Dead Hero

Aramon training camp was my new home. Taken as an orphan, trained as an officer, I gave a promise to serve the Ildock in conquests on distant worlds. A blaster and a brotherhood was all I was given. I fondly recall the training days with everything that happened there. I remember the sweat and the … Continue reading Dead Hero