Rain journal entry 14

Year: 3180 Location: Oregon base, Dog Constellation, Space ID: 4112 48  522 It's been three days since we came here. Captain Claydon ordered our Navigator to shadow the main operator on the main floor and report if she finds any changes. Sadly, she did. "Deep space radar caught a signal from the top of the … Continue reading Rain journal entry 14


Rain journal entry 13

Year: 3180 Location: Oregon base, Dog Constellation, Space ID: 4112 48  522 The Captain ordered us to disperse. Mechanic went to the down floor to see on what are we operating. Our Navigator went to the main floor to see where we are and check the stats through the years. Our Medic was tasked to … Continue reading Rain journal entry 13

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0k, this is amazing. Others talk about me. I am speechless, but not without words. I am saving those for a story to honor Rudraa. You’ve just earned a custom story dear… And there is no escape from that. Ah, I am so happy right now.



I hope that you all are doing well.  I am greatful to all of you for your continuous support that has encouraged me to expand my horizon. Also, I have started my blog last year in the December itself so just 17 days are left in One year Blog Anniversary. Today, I want to share the efforts made by one of my friend and a fellow blogger to get published his work. One of the member of our WordPress Community has started his own website. He has achieved the biggest milestone as it takes all the determination and hard work. So, let’s show some love and support to him. Help him to get published.

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