Nighttime blabbering 831

I haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, and it’s purely my fault for evading the visit. Yesterday, I went to the dentist and got bad news. I’ve neglected my sixes, and one is in bad condition. I had to pull it out, and now I have a sizable hole in my gums, which makes me eat baby food. I’ll have to make more appointments to fix the whole jaw and then have a long conversation with my dentist about what comes next. I suspect my genetics for the rotten teeth because other parts of the family have decent teeth. I have almost all of my teeth in my head, except two that were seriously damaged. I prefer fixing them and keeping them because nothing can replace them once you take them out. My front teeth are fine, but I don’t smile wide enough to show them. Although in a conversation, one has to see what’s behind the lips. So, that’s one of the weekly things I am doing, and now, about writing and projects.

There are some more interviews I need to do before I can focus on the sequel. It’s productive and gratifying work helping the Association with amounting writers and exciting reports from all over. I’ve picked new and aspiring writers for my interlocutors, and I am detailed with what I ask them. So far, they’re responding well to the question and are proactive with the answers. It helps to be a nice guy, a person of warmth and soft words that occasionally cracks jokes and listens. For all these years, listening proved itself as one of the most important parts of collecting data and making connections. People are hyper-focused on their careers, hobbies, and other things, so when someone listens, they see it as a genuine interest in who they are. It’s the attention to their work and dreams that make them smile. It’s also an ego boost, but then again, you need to keep that in check. You don’t know people’s true intentions, and caution is advised. The best part about these interviews is networking with the people who might help us in the future to spread the good word about domestic fantasy. And that’s what makes me happy today.


3 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 831

    • I got a few of them to fix, and I might end up with some fake ones, like a prosthetic or something. Dental here is mostly private, and it is expensive. The thing is, I only had seasonal work for ten years, nothing steady, and saved enough to finally get my crunchers in order. And I still haven’t seen a sign of wisdom teeth coming out.

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      • Same here. There are a few dental hospitals dotted around the country but the waiting list is around a years wait at the moment. Cheapest option last time I had a tooth out was to get a denture made up. Didn’t do it but was good to know. Good luck 🤞

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