Nighttime blabbering 830

Here’s how things go. My editors always check my improvement in the project I am writing and suggest what can be fixed. We talk about the following scenes and where everything needs to turn, so I don’t make second passes and rewrite the scenes. This time, everything needs to fit in on the first attempt, so in the end, we get a complete novel without editing. All changes take place in the current portion of the novel, separated into paragraphs that tell a story, and only when all parties are satisfied can I add another thing into the mix. The speed is a bit slower for my taste, but at least it saves time on later checkups. So far, a hero has shown the current state of the broken city where everything is decaying. All gangs are either annihilated or strengthened in numbers. There’s a big clash for power in the streets and one ominous zeppelin roaming the sky above the ruins, surveying the ground, looking for a hero and his sister. It is a promise of great doom that haunts him whenever he sees the damn thing on the far south. But the situation changes with a shady character that turns out to be a former friendly combatant turned into a mercenary. From there, the hero gets a new mission to find who runs the streets from the sanctity of shade in the east, and this will be his grand meeting with his destiny. After that scene, a lot more in-depth sequence follows, showing everything we didn’t see about the gangs and their reason to exist. A sense of danger approaches with tales of a decisive battle that needs to happen. For now, everyone is just acquiring resources and collecting their strength, readying themselves for a sacrifice and combat that will either turn in their favor or all is lost. And this is just laying down stakes, introducing mystery and thrill into the project that serves as a plot drive for a reader to digest and enjoy. So many plot twists and sudden events await in the upcoming pages, giving me the energy to write and imagine new situations, original to me and fun to read. I am head over heels for this one; back to myself and the old feeling of zoning out while creating. I feel a genuine thrill and excitement when I am working on this project, and yes, I am weaving multiple plots and elements into the scenes, thus providing more content per page than usual.

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