Nighttime blabbering 829

What was I saying? Ah yes, the mimicking of the lost style, which is hard to retrieve without lifetime consequences. I got to that point fairly quickly, and now I am paying a toll. I got to my goal soon on my way to hardwire my brain to fabricate and compose sentences in a style I need to use more to feel comfortable with. As it turned out, I only had to trick myself into believing I was a black-and-white noir detective in a communist movie witnessing the horrors of the post-war husk of a town. And this vision is one of the ideas I had for yet another novel. But this idea is a new kind of novel prompt. How? I usually needed a specific, detailed scene to spark my interest. I put myself on the path of excavating the concept through that scene. I would ask questions like who the people in the background are, their motivations, goals, weaknesses, and strengths. Then, I would slowly unroll the ball of wire, unveiling the linear story. And today, the novel idea came from a character, a stoic, troubled, and cold-hearted colonel that joined the police force and inherited a world of problematic veterans coping with tragic personal stories. This is worthy of a saga or an anthology of stories inspired by this character, something I still need to decide what it will become.

Nevertheless, this brutalist scenery, the untold hero, sparks my imagination enough to keep coming to him, even though I don’t know his name and complete story. The thing is, it’s the first time I have had such an idea that is focused on one thing as much as this one. As I said, my ideas come from small segments, events, and a culmination of the story that demands backtracking to find where it begins. The collection of short stories is more befitting of this prompt. It could also be a novel if I figure out everything I need to know before giving it a shot. But here it is, this concept borrowed me the necessary feeling to continue storytelling in another universe that shares no similarities with themselves. And the story I am plotting tonight is a grimdark tale with unexpected plot twists to cause whiplash in your neck from all that turning back. So, to conclude, I am back on track, mimicking the style, weaving the story worth of antidepressant pills when you are done reading. How about that? Not what you hoped for, and yet it’s coming to life.


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