Nighttime blabbering 828

You know I am working on two novels at the same time. The first one is an urban fantasy with its plot based on the local legends of the little town where I live, and the second is a sequel to the first-ever novel I wrote and published. So, these two, an experimental fantasy and a sequel, are my main projects working in parallel. I have almost 90 pages in the YA urban fantasy and less than 30 in the sequel. The sequel was started during summer, and it’s almost winter with no budge to report, but something interesting happened. My editors came around and took a look at it. It’s important to note that they are closely looking at what I am adding as this project is binned by a contact. This other one is a stand-alone thing with no strings attached, something I write whenever I have the time. And now, my editors improved their mutual communication with me, so there are changes. I am happy to say the sequel is on the table again and that I am working more on it than before. But there’s a catch because this project always has a catch. Because so much time has passed since I worked on it, and the style is completely new, I forgot my path and what I wanted to do with the plot. The characters are changed, the storyline is different, and every little detail is not in my comfort zone. Getting back to this damn thing comes with stress and force to wrap my mind around it and start mimicking the older style. Pick any writer in the world, read what they wrote, and I dare you to try copying it to the letter so much so that an ordinary reader can’t tell the difference between the original and what you made. This is my problem, my today’s wound that I try to medicate with some brilliant idea. I can tell you it’s hard and painful to return to something that’s out of your reach and yet attempt to create a remedy for this issue. The most defeating thing about it is that I can clearly see the potential, beauty, and quality in these short 30 pages, like watching a movie, and I struggle to adapt to it and make it my own. But I am trying, and perhaps I will succeed in my efforts. So, wish me luck, and here I go.


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