Nighttime blabbering 825

The weather is changing so fast that I can’t keep up with my choice of clothes anymore. Do I need a jacket, or is a sweater enough? It’s cold and sunny, then it turns to fog, and the rain comes out of nowhere. Still, my choice to stay indoors and maintain the fire going saves me. But that’s of little concern. I am doing well with my editing, kicking out the pages and the redundancies, so my novel looks better now. I have thirty more pages to go, and that will take a few days out of me. I could’ve finished it faster, but there were some changes in my daily schedule. I got a few assignments from my editor-in-chief to interview a few domestic writers we haven’t interviewed. I’ll need to do extensive research about them since they’ve added a few novels to their names, and it would be a good thing to have their personal input about current developments in the marketplace. The Balkan is not such a big place where all flavors of fantasy thrive, but some names influence the scene. And we want them on our portal talking about their work and viewpoint on the new wave of writers and novels coming to the shelves. The idea is to interview them before the end of the year, have some diverse content on our portal, and have people gather around the Association. I see these interviews as a gentle nod at the writers, a gesture of respect and care. So far, I’ve interviewed a comic book artist who succeeded in publishing a comic book and going international with it. He prevailed during these harsh times, having his saga lasting a decade on the market and winning fifteen awards in numerous contests. My next guest is a self-published author renowned for printing short story anthologies. I am still looking for a third artist to complete the round. I’m sure I’ll think of a name that draws attention.

And a little bit of news about my mother. A trip to Belgrade was long, five hours in one direction, but it wasn’t for nothing. A military specialist received her, and she did some tests before he notified her about what came next. She will receive a letter detailing when she needs to return for a procedure. I am glad we sped up the process; she might get this done quickly. It could turn out we panicked over nothing, but a sense of stress still holds me. But it’s a positive type of worry that makes you attentive to details and cautious about what you are doing. So, things could be much worse than I thought, but they can also be better. Still, everything is near normal, and I am working on my projects.


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