Nighttime blabbering 824

To my small calculation, I am to take out ten pages from the original 100 when editing is over. The word count will drop from 60k to about 50 000 + words, which is adequate for a novel like this. An urban fantasy novel should stick to 90k words, but the story and the concept demand more attention. I am still holding on to an original design to keep writing as much as I need to complete the story and just then cut down the redundancies. Only when I have all scenes in the manuscript can I look for those that served me once and never again throughout the plot, so those are potential candidates for elimination. This will compact the story and make it a whole piece.

In other news, I had a field day with my writing carrier and met with one of the respected young writers from Belgrade. He came to my little touristic place on vacation and gave me a call. We agreed to meet up over a drink and get acquainted. But, this meet-and-greet became an interview for an audiobook publisher my Association previously worked with. I’ve gifted him a copy of my novel, met his family, and sparked an interest in starting a conversation about two Associations working together on a project. This might begin a beautiful relationship if both sides come to terms. I feel like a soldier from the Starship Troopers. I am doing my part.

And lastly, my mother has difficulties with her eyes. Glaucoma and early signs of cataract might cause blindness, so in the past few weeks, we chased the exams, results, and paperwork to get admission to a military clinic in Belgrade. Surgery in private clinics, something that state doctors recommended because the machines in their facility conveniently don’t “work,” costs around 2000 euros. We read between the lines and figured out how specialists make two salaries because the same state doctor has a private practice in another private clinic. I am disappointed that those greedy bastards dare to do this to people with the right to medical treatment guaranteed and covered by the social service and pension fund. Apparently, making money is their prime concern. So, we completely circumvented the private clinics and went to a military hospital, a state-sponsored institution. There are top surgeons and experts, so I am optimistic about the outcome and quality of service. I hope for the best.


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