Nighttime blabbering 823

I am editing a second round from the start, kicking off the useless lines. I dropped the word count from 60k to 55k and am halfway there. From 100 pages, I came down to 93, which will be a partial count. But how do you decide which word to delete and which one to save? It’s a mental conundrum. Some adjectives are unnecessary, and some are precisely describing the picture. Use at most three adjectives in one sentence; try to break the mold with shorter sentences in the middle. Only some things need to be said for a reader to understand where the plot is going. Leave minimal descriptive words so that reader’s imagination can fill up the blanks.

Understand that the reader is on a mission to find out what’s happening, and the more you make it harder for him to catch it on the first go, they’ll appreciate it. But also leave enough signs for them to accurately connect the dots and form a path to a grand reveal. It’s about balancing the amount of information you are willing to give. Here’s an assignment for you. Read your sentence out loud. Does it sound easy to say? Would you use it in everyday conversation? Is there any word that makes your tongue trip over it? Well, that’s the sign you should shorten the sentence or rebuild it, so the reading goes easy. Next, imagine someone else is telling the story. There’s a specific way you’d want them to tell you what happened and a unique way for them to verbalize it for you to completely digest the information. Is their storytelling style confusing and misleading? Adapt to it, and correct your text, so everything is smooth and straightforward. You can choose a direct approach to storytelling, a brutal style of writing, or a relaxed mode of storytelling. That’s your personal preference. But, no matter what you decide, for the love of God, adhere to the writing rules and think about the stuff you are writing. And make the goal of telling a great story your ultimate aspiration in this lifelong activity.


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