Nighttime blabbering 822

And we are back with novel talks and editing efforts. Yeah, it’s that old thing again. So, I am working on the novel, keen on deleting and shortening stuff that seems redundant and illogical. The point of that work is to simplify the sentences and correct the focusing elements inside. “Less is more,” says the rule, and I am listening. Previously I had 60k words on 100 pages, and today I am punching through the 80th page with 56k words and 95 pages. I might circle back for another run and shorten it more. And then, I should read the scenes and simplify the paragraphs to straighten the flow. It should be more fluent and easy on the transitions. It makes for a better read. Shorter sentences, well, medium-size sentences, work better than long and boring ones full of descriptions. And the style, oh, that thing will end me. I’ve used many academic expressions to show the character’s intellect, yet it threw me into a philosophical twister. I’ll have to sort it out or delete it if it doesn’t carry the story. I’ll have to remind you that the novel I am working on is not fiction-heavy, so scientific blabber doesn’t go well with mystery and action elements that flirt with erotic details and comedy. Too many genres and borrowed pieces to play with; I don’t need to confuse the reader. Perhaps this high-verbiage is better for another novel I will work on, but not for urban fantasy. So, I am cutting and outing stuff, carefully stacking up the elements while trying not to delete something important, and I might send it to a friend for review before I continue adding more scenes. And, of course, I am nervous about everything because, at times, I feel I might be doing something wrong. I am not even halfway there, and I am killing the segments? That doesn’t sound right. An important thing needs to happen in the next dozen pages, yet I am casting away building blocks? That spells trouble. But I am working on it as if dismantling a bomb. One can only stay vigilant while facing such a conundrum. It’s not pleasant, I can tell you that much, but I have my eye on the goal, and it shines brightly before me. It is a promised perfect novel that doesn’t miss a thing; so glorious, interesting, and awe-inspiring. I want it. I need it. And I aim to get it.

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