Nighttime blabbering 821

Let’s change the topics on my blabbering for a second. I’d like to talk about the TV shows I am following. This post will present my thoughts about popular and not-so-popular shows. It’s important to note that I am predominantly watching these shows because I am interested in the storytelling and genuine concept of the plot. Some modern shows offer an interesting angle of spectating the characters, and their arc seems down to earth and realistic at their core. And I am usually more interested in fiction and fantasy shows than other genres. So, let’s begin with one show I am currently watching.

The Peripheral

The story revolves around a brother and sister in a close future where they play simulation games and sell their leveled-up profiles to rich clientele. Their modest living takes a turn when they encounter a gig where they operate a real body in a real scenario, which bares consequences. Finding something important a corporation from the distant future needs to protect, they both befall under a twisted game of cat and mouse. Now they need to finish the gig and stay alive. The whole sci-fi premise with high-tech gadgets is appealing, and when you base a story on a small and ruined mid-west town, everything gets more cyberpunk nuance which I love. I recommend this show to geeks and writers always looking for ways to include current technology with impoverished settlements to achieve cruel realism while openly flirting with scientific theories of time travel.


This Star Wars universe show is a prequel to the Rough One movie, a one-off story in the saga. The plot follows a reprising character adding lore and context to one specific rebel leaning toward Republic. The backdrop of how he became a rebel and what his journey told us about all other efforts of partisan groups to join forces. It speaks volumes about beliefs, systems, and efforts to counter the oppressive Empire’s grip on freedoms. Story on its own works, even if it would be repacked as a French Resistance Movement during the Second World war. Props, locations, and visual appearance are heavy on cyberpunk elements with included practicality. There’s enough mystery around the characters to lure more viewers into the core content and lore. Each episode is better than the other, so I recommend this show for SW fans as people who are not that deep into the SW universe.


There are only three seasons of this show which ended this year. The main story follows a royal family trying to run a kingdom while fighting off the enemies on their borders as much as fighting them in their own courts. The whole story is happening in the future after the collapse of the civilizations, and everyone is blind, which makes the people with vision treated as witches. I love the medieval future, futuristic past, or ancient post-apocalypse genres because they combine completely different visuals. I adore the production and believable interpretation of sightless people and how they move, fight, live and perform duties. The show is saturated with drama, too much for my taste, but it makes it up with the laconic and witty dialogues and brutal combat scenes, which take a decent third of storytelling. Do you like crazy queens? This show got it. Do you like blind samurai-type soldiers having a go at it? Yup. This show has that too. Oh, you want picturesque scenes of rotting landmarks? Each travel filler framing shows that. From the storytelling point of view, there’s nothing to frown over, and everything is laid out perfectly.

Of course, these are just some of the shows I am watching, and I can write more about the stuff from which I take inspiration if you’d like to read this kind of blabber. I don’t mind sharing, but I think it might prove boring. I don’t know. You tell me. Is this something you’d like to read more about or not?

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