Nighttime blabbering 816

My father and I agreed to return to the forest with the tractor and wagon. As mentioned in one of my blabberings, we need firewood for a pig roast. There were many discarded branches from our last visit when we brought several trees down for firewood to last through the winter. I cleared one branch pile and pulled out a neat stack of rods. That was a few days ago. Today, when the fog lifted mid-day, we went to the forest. Both of us did the job very fast. Breaking branches off the thicker stem went easily, so much so that I didn’t need an ax. My hands were enough. After two hours, we had more sticks than we needed for roasting. Everything that comes as a difference will be used as regular stove fuel. But since we finished work so fast, why not take down a couple of dried plum trees we have left in our other estate? So, we went there and chopped those up. It wouldn’t be a problem if those trees were somewhere close to the road, but instead, they were right at the top of a steep hill full of plums with low branches. I had to carry a 5-meter-long log on my back. Yes, it was dry and moderately lighter than the living tree, but it got heavy when I started crawling toward the road. I am going to keep this post short and sweet. And here are the pictures I took during my stay in the forest.


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