Nighttime blabbering 815

Another night, another blabbering. This time I have very little to share. My days are all looking alike. I get up in the morning, start the fire burning on the stove, make breakfast, and coffee, eat, and then check my notifications. After a while, I opened the current writing project, scanned the last night’s changes, and proceeded where I left off. I make another coffee around noon and take a break to watch interesting YouTube videos. I am interested in Roman history as of late, but I don’t miss clicking on the memes compilations. Something rarely makes me laugh. Perhaps my funny reservoir got depleted. I can’t recall the last time I laughed from the heart and couldn’t stop grinning. Maybe this sounds sad and depressing, but I interpret it as a normal thing. I am sure everyone feels the same, especially today when the world is full of uncertainties. Still, I get the time to dubiously ponder my life and current affairs just to keep myself in check. I see it as reaching a checkpoint like you just saved the game and mentally backtracked your past actions to foresee a heading. And then you move with precise intention. Sounds like a game, but it’s life. So, now I am on this novel, almost done editing 100 pages, and I’ll have to recall all the past scenes and put them in a storyline before I plan out what happens next. I can’t afford to take a long break from this, or I’ll forget where I was going. My saved game is prone to fading, even though I have a heading, mostly an obscure image of what I want to reach. I’ll have to speed up things, sort out stuff, and move toward the goal. Nothing else will do the trick. This is my only option. I sense some other work will interfere with this plan, and it puts more pressure on me to get into action. See, this is the checkpoint. This is what it looks like in writing. This is my thought process. It may not be great, but I am sure it will help. It has worked for me so far. No need to change it. And this is me checking out from this blabbering episode. I’ve done so much today, and I need sleep. Only if I could sleep, that would be great.


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