Nighttime blabbering 801

The final verdict came in. Some of my friends took the time to glance at my work, and the results were not very nice. I didn’t use editors this time, but the people I know read a lot. I gave them a snippet, just a few paragraphs from the novel, noting too reveling, and I employed my older sister to look at the whole manuscript I had made so far. They all agree on a few things I need to change in the project. First, fewer adjectives, descriptions, and worldbuilding. It slows the flow, and it doesn’t read very well. I saw that too, so I am not opposing their opinion. The second thing is space orientation, which is sometimes inconsistent and makes it difficult to follow the plot. The third suggestion implies more lot of characterization, a sort of inner thoughts, and telling of the hero’s processes. With these three things improved, the novel would become more fluent, dynamic, and content-filled. It will make it exciting and invest readers in what is happening. The Order of scenes fits, even if some are objectively overblown and surreal. I am pleased to receive these suggestions because, after so many rounds of editing, I became blind to small mistakes and details that are important for the story. This happens to everyone, and having an editor or a beta reader helps greatly. So, today and in the coming weeks, I am slowly editing this material portion, and only after I have one block ready will I move on to writing the second and third portions. Put that together, and there’s a novel in your hands. Wish me luck.

And while that’s happening, I have more work outside, so expect some photos in the future, mainly the destination process, since we prepared the cauldron and firewood to make rakija. It’s raining every day, but I don’t mind the rain. I have a shelter, and a radio with me while sitting next to flames, and that’s perfect for making spirits.


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