Nighttime blabbering 799

It’s time to paint my grandparent’s living room. They live in a small room next to our house. With their old age, they sort of felt a need to live separately but close, so a decade ago, we took old storage attached to the garage and redesigned it into living quarters. Now they have their own place with a new stove, furniture, and pantry in the back. This little space is enough for one person, perhaps too cramped for two, but they are humble and cozy. It’s enough to light up a fire in the stove for fifteen minutes, and the whole place will be hotter than any other place where we also have fires burning during winter. They are old and sensitive to shifting weather, so this little neatness of easy heating is a blessing. Next to the stove is a bed where they sleep, and if you remember my blabberings from before when I spoke about moving furniture, we acquired a new bed for them. With newly painted walls, general cleaning, and small touches, they will easily welcome the first snow and frost. That small cozy place will become even cozier when we reinforce the windows to withstand the biting low temperatures. We kept one thing as a family: to eat together at the same table. It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner; there’s one table where we bring food, and everyone is welcome to join us. This morning when we took all the furniture out to be washed, I caught myself sitting in the table corner, eating my scrambled eggs and watching the rain pouring outside. The pleasant warmth radiated from the stove, even though it was pleasant to be outside. The mist rolled in the distant hills, and I smelt the smoke from the chimney in low air pressure, thinking of the first snow. The unmistakable smell of autumn paired with a nice temperature when it’s not cold or hot outside is an omen of a perfect day.


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