Nighttime blabbering 798

I spent the whole day in my vineyard. The weather was perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. I had my neighbors helping me pick grapes, and we collected around 750 kilograms, a full wagon. After lunch, my father and I mushed it and stored it in barrels for fermentation. A few days later, we could hope to get wine. Our vineyard is old and the only such yard in a stretch of the land northside. My grandfather originally planted various breeds, mostly old and autochthonous variants. I am surprised we had one of the oldest breeds called “Vranac,” a blood-red colored inside with dark peel and very small compared to other grapes in the field. The wine from Vranac has the same name, and it’s one of the darkest and most sold bottles you can find in the Balkans.

Along with that grape, there is Prokupac, a very old breed known only to this region, and May Queen, an aromatic type of grape with a surprising aroma. There’s no other grape I can compare it with. All those grapes mushed together produce a wine that’s tangy and fruity with a dark aftertaste blooming with a specific aroma stemming from the mixture. Since we have white and sweeter breeds, the color may shift to lighter red, but still not enough to create a pink Rose wine. I am very satisfied with our grapes’ quality, color, and taste this year. The quantity is not as I hoped, but I can’t complain since all fruit trees had decent produce. I mean, we had enough for jams, compots (look it up, it’s candied fruit pieces), and still leftovers for fermentation and moonshining. And for the end, here are two photos I took today.


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