Nighttime blabbering 797

The story is finished and sent to an editor for a check-up. If my editor goes through it thoroughly, I hope for a decent number of changes and suggestions. I think my skills have improved since the last time I had a long talk with them, but I haven’t been working on a joint project for a long time, and my skills might be worse than before. The thing is, I am on my own, flying solo, floating without course, and I got no clue where I am going. It could be a dead-end, a cliff with jagged rocks at the bottom, or I could be grazing the clouds from newfound heights I’ve found. So, I am blind to my abilities, and whenever I ask my editors to clarify what they see in me and my work, I face a wall of silence. Perhaps they cannot explain to me in words, and they are just waiting for me to find out what makes me a good writer, or at least potentially a great writer. I know that they classify me among 20% of writers if I figure out what qualifies me to that stature. And the thing is, they see it, and I don’t understand it. So, I am doing my research and editing my works senselessly with the hope of moving forward and upgrading my writing. Perhaps that’s what’s expected of me. Perhaps that’s what I am supposed to do. I can only wait for their confirmation and suggestions on what’s the next step. For now, I gave them a story, and I am waiting for the results. And inside, I am dying. I don’t know what they say or how the story will turn out. One thing to note, many people who read my stories and novels said I have interesting ideas. That’s comforting, but is it enough for me to rise to the call of being a writer? I just don’t know.


6 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 797

  1. It’s very hard to tell someone they are not a gifted writer. We put our souls into it, so that would be a devastating blow. If you want a truly honest opinion you’ll have to push hard. But then, opinions differ. I think some Booker prize winners are woeful.

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      • I’ll keep trying to improve. Others, if their opinions is supported by facts, may know to recognize quality, therefore I can objectively trust their stance, so I’ll have to orient my growth based on what they told me. The goal is to become a pro, grow and proficient in what I do, so… the path is hard, but the results are rewarding. And the whole point is to enjoy it even if the work is grueling and difficult. What I mean to say, what others think is important, and it shouldn’t be neglected. They’ll be the one buying and consuming my work in the end.


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