Nighttime blabbering 796

Alright, I started writing a short story. I thought I’d pick comedy for a change, but it steered again into drama when I put it together. So, here’s the premise, and let’s find out how it ends. Twenty years ago, an alien code came through the signal and infected our technology. Since aliens don’t know anything about us, how our systems work, and they are very advanced in tech, so much so that any electric thing is practically their home, and the internet is their world, there was system collapse. Now, a world without the internet and power is flat-out doomed. Nothing works; the economy crashes, street lights and signaling failure cause accidents, metros collide, elevators go out of control, and people die left and right. But the scientists make the first contact, and it seems things are going great until the alien code discovers all of our state secrets and nuclear launch codes. So, naturally, humanity became frightened because someone just overpowered us, and the response was war. In defying measure, people destroyed their own appliances and decided to live like it was the middle ages. And that’s all the context of the story we see gradually through the writing. The real story begins on a farm in a prairie, far into nowhere. A young man, age twenty, lives with his quiet father, taking care of the farm, producing methane which they use for generators to create energy and store it in batteries buried under the plain wooden house. The kid never saw much of the world. He learned to read from the old newspapers, and you know what headlines you can find there. So, he is rightfully angry at the aliens that robbed him of a decent life.

On the other hand, his father fought the aliens, which installed themselves in machines and robots we created. He fought, survived to tell the story, went back to his home, and lived there with his son. He’s a bit on his own, taken back, silent, often frowning and grunting, but he doesn’t speak or share niceties with his son. Imagine an artistic southern depressive cowboy presenting hard-living movies and ambiance; that’s the tone of the story. Now, the father repairs a cassette player, those midrange rigs we had in the 90′, and hooks it on the nail at the porch.

Important to note that there’s an appliance graveyard nearby that kid likes to visit and gets all riled up to fight the aliens. And the player rustles when a man in a dark robe comes along the dirt path. It signals that the war has begun again, so he needs to answer the call. So, the kid rushed to the basement, and the walls were covered in iconography. There were saints and soldiers painted on the ceiling, while deep down on the opposite wall was a small shrine for the enemy. So, the kid opens a chest and connects the metal parts into a pulse rifle, his father’s weapon of old. The father then leaves to fight, and the kid is alone for quite some time until the radio starts talking to him. Now, I am in this place where I can’t decide how the story ends and what happens next. Any ideas? Any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 796

  1. I don’t have an ending for you, but the image of people stuck in elevators that are out of control creeped me out. I pictured a bunch of people trapped in an elevator that keeps going up and down faster and faster, knocking them to the floor and making them panic and scramble and stumble around as they are trying to get a grip on the control panel to make it stop. All the while, the elevators mechanical doors keep opening and closing, decapitating people and crushing parts of them.

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