Nighttime blabbering 784

I am getting good at this scene manipulation. Inch by inch, I am compiling events and stacking the bricks, and soon, there will be some visible construction here. Let’s take a look at the latest one I wrote. An inspector survived an accident with a tractor that fell from the bridge into the river and saved his best friend in that process. A heavy thunderstorm followed him home, where he joined a celebration and got severely drunk. His thoughts are all mashed up with what’s happening around him; seemingly unlucky and cursed situations keep occurring, and this is his biggest problem. I am about to show him one of many visions of a beautiful woman glaring at him. After that comes a scene where I finally wrap up the first portion and open the second with that beautiful woman introducing herself to him. This is his new partner he must keep concealed from others so she won’t be in danger. I haven’t worked out the next part, that second half, and what will happen there, but I sense something will dawn on me when I get there. All I know is that he needs to prevent future smaller and bigger disasters, and that woman helps. Also, important to note the chaotic situation in the city concerning an investigation of 13 dead women keeps developing with more challenges and obstacles. The media is salivating over the case, and the superpowers keep putting pressure on local police to speed up the process or step aside and let the FBI and FSB take over. Yes, many parties would like to get on the case. And we see that through the eyes of a regular guy on the ground, trying to solve the mystery and deal with a sorcerer that provoked the initial tragedy. Sounds like fun, but I am aware it’s a big bite for me.


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