Nighttime blabbering 781

I had my sister visiting for the last two days and helping me pick plums. We watched some movies, talked, and had fun. Whenever my sisters visit, we prepare a better meal to celebrate. Each time they arrive, there’s some work, feasting, and joy in the end. My twin sister likes artistic movies, and watching them is one of our traditions, so I indulged her this time by choosing a newer Wes Anderson work called “French Dispatch,” an abstract and exciting movie composed of short stories conceptualized as newspaper articles. There’s a beauty in the storytelling techniques, framing, and narrative flow that borders nonsensical, but I enjoyed the production, direction, and artistic stamp that comes from the scenes. I admire the use of English refinedly, which helped enrich my vocabulary. I must admit, I neglected my learning due to other projects I am working on, and I don’t write in English as I used to. This is why there are almost no new stories on my blog, which I miss, but then again, I am afraid to begin writing them. I know my knowledge deteriorated because I don’t practice it anymore. This is what happens. When you are not utilizing your knowledge for a long time, you just start to forget what you know. I had to focus on my native language, learn more about grammar and try perfecting there before I ever began working on another language. It sounds sad, but this is a necessary step to becoming an established writer. I need a strong command of my own tongue before I can make a step into something else. I hope you understand where I am coming from.

Since I am talking about writing, it’s probably adequate to inform you about the process. The sequel to a military sci-fi saga I published is postponed. My editors are quiet about that. They have thirty pages to sort out, yet no word from them. So while they are taken with that, I am using my time to write a new novel, an urban fantasy story about the local legends, magic, and sorcery. In that project, I have around 90 pages. I am making gradual progress, monitoring the plot and the characters, planning out the scenes, and more. Whenever I don’t feel like writing, I edit this piece to perfection, so I am optimistic this one might be a perfect draft that doesn’t need extensive corrections. Of course, I aim to make it good on the first try, which is impossible, but that’s the challenge. And you know I like challenges.


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