Nighttime blabbering 778

I will need a list of details, objects, and gadgets, as well as a map of the city where I specified the cars and vehicles being parked because I started losing my mind over the logistics and timelines here. The hero uses two or more vehicles for patrolling, and there’s a lot of driving involved because he is an inspector, going places where clues are. This buzzing here and there causes commotion and will be hard to follow. I purposefully disabled his private vehicle, only to make the whole idea of cars insignificant. I hope he can use any patrol vehicle in the future to move around when he needs to and that this will be enough for a reader to understand. Then there are detail, evidence, and pieces of the puzzle that are beginning to pile up, and I need some sort of an archive to document all of it, keep my eye on the items, and ponder how I can use them in the future.

On the other hand, I should expel some items, simplify the whole thing, and keep the most crucial things in the novel. Too much is indeed too much. The reader might lose focus, and if you lose a reader for even a second, you are fighting to get his attention back. This is where I am now, thinking about the construction and the flow I want to maintain, implement or improve. It’s hard work and drains lots of energy for what seems to be minor things, but then again, who is not satisfied to see how one small thing can affect the plot and bring salvation and clarity? Call it foreshadowing, Chekhov’s gun rule, I don’t care, but these things are so fun to read and write, and despite the grueling work, I love these things.


2 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 778

  1. It’s always good to have a picture of the setting in terms of maps, geography, vehicles, distances, weather, etc. It brings it all to life and means no backreading to remember what was where and when it happened.

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