Nighttime blabbering 777

I bring good news. Last day I edited 55 pages and managed to find a solution to my problem. I’ve developed one scene that shows compassion toward the accident victims. The manner is more of a standard procedure, but there’s warmth in it, so it works. The gist has a context since the victims look young, but they are old creatures of an old world, belonging to old gods, and this standardized action of the police force comes out with a pinch of sorrow and a gentle nod of honor. I mean, let’s break it down. An investigation takes place late at night, and the inspector first to the scenes finds numerous nude women lying dead on the marble corridor in the center of the city. Nudity is frowned upon, so he covers them. This covering, a way of shielding, can be interpreted as protection. The eyewitnesses befall under a spell when they spot the victims’ skin, attributes, and heavenly beauty, but… would they like this attention if they were alive? See, there’s room for adding context, and this is what I’ve achieved without even thinking about how I can upgrade it later. I love when the plot writes itself in the snippets like that and offers options I can use later on. And to mark this scene, I also added one item that will be useful as I weave the story. I feel this will be a great novel, an interesting read, and something memorable.

On the other hand, I know this will be one of those long novels, but a fast-paced novel that will leave a mark if done correctly. That’s why I can’t rush it or work quickly, only when I have things figured out, logical, and good sounding. There’s a chance I’ll keep bringing up problems I meet as I go, so we can solve them painlessly.

And then, regarding the short story idea I mentioned before, I am still thinking about your suggestions. There are a lot of good ideas there, and I need to sit on it and further think about the concept and how I can make it work. The nifty thing about brainstorming is that there’s no need for a thoroughly planned out story and scenes but an idea or a feeling to keep you going. I might combine all of your ideas into one concept to see if that would work. This way, I will honor your advice and try to incorporate it all.

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