Nighttime blabbering 776

So I am approaching a scene that shakes the hero to his core, and I have nothing to follow. This is when ethics are questioned, and his firm stance on what is proper shines out. After that, there’s a scene where the inspector goes hay bailing, enjoys an enlightened conversation with his friend, and summarises the past events. That other scene opens up a story flow, points at different angles of spectating at the problem from where the hero takes note and gets the new direction to find a lead. Sounds reasonable, logical, and interesting, but I am struggling to imagine what follows. To top that, I am still thinking about what Cage gas told me about showing the hero’s depending act, a duality of his where he foreshadows what he will become. So far, his journey has been hectic, with situations pilling up on his plate until the problems start falling off the edge, and then he is found broken and defeated. This attempt to show he can handle it is lacking, so I am on that double plotting to see where I could jam in the segment of showing his good side, his noble side in the turmoil of dim events befalling a small southern town. I wish I could lay out the whole concept if I had one, but I am writing without a clear image and goal, but I know where I am headed. Call it pantser writing, it’s something that works for me, and I am comfortable with this type of creating a novel. This is where I am at with writing in progress, but I am slowly getting myself out of this conundrum.

My long-time friend came to the village for a visit. He’ll be staying here for a few days with his family, as they do each year, and I look forward to spending some time with them. Later in a month, my twin sister might drop in to stay. She might give me advice about the stuff I am writing about. That sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

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