Nighttime blabbering 774

Do you remember my rants about power outages? If you are a frequent visitor, I think you remember my frequent dissatisfaction with the power grid and the constant bitching I had due to my inability to finish a project I started. Well, things changed drastically. Last night, around eight in the evening, around the sunset when the pink sky brings some beauty and awe, a kid in the schoolyard, thinner than a twig, kicked the ball so hard, it flew over the twelve feet tall fence and managed to achieve one in a million shot. He kicked the ball, and the ball hit the ceramic isolation on a transformer, causing sparks. Those sparks produced an electric five feet tall arc, connecting the main lines from a transmission, you know, those thick cables conducting ten thousand volts, yup, those lines. And the lines began sparking, even more, setting the transformer ablaze. There was an old, unused, abandoned stork’s nest on top, formed mostly of dried twigs and branches that also caught fire, so everything was mounting in flames.

Around thirty children started running and screaming, vacating the courtyard faster than you can say “RUN.” The night was slowly approaching, and the daylight dimmed in the same rhythm as the fire was calming down. One of the high voltage lines melted, crying droplets of molten iron on the ground, and finally connected with an old iron neighbor’s fence. The voltage ran through the fence and welded a small gate shut. Nobody was going in or coming out of there. Nobody was hurt near the fence or on the road when everything happened. The fire department sent one of their fire trucks to extinguish the burning nest so that people from the power distribution could come closer and see the damage. I thought they wouldn’t fix the damage in ten days, but I was proven wrong. Their grid team came faster than the firetruck, saw fires being put down, and immediately, using flashlights, approached the building, and made a list of tools and elements that needed to be changed. Using morning cool and shade, they came early and changed the burnt, broken parts with the new. They only had a few of those ceramic elements and isolation contraption on stock, so if this happens again to someone else, they would need to replenish their stock, so we were the last one in need of this stuff. Everything was back online before noon. I’ve never imagined they were so effective and fast. All of my cussing and screaming, whenever the power goes out, I take it back.

I take it all back because I learned they are not in great shape as most of the allowances and greenlighting come from another city and not from the local department that should take care of and respond to malfunctions. Imagine that. You are in a team meant to fix problems, and all of your approvals come from a different place than your base. Why? Politics. It’s always the politics. That’s why sometimes the power is out for hours instead of minutes. I feel their frustration, and now I know they are least responsible for waiting time, poorly stocked warehouses with tools and elements, and ineffective management. As I said, I take it all back. When the power goes out, the image I’ll have on my mind are those five workers, joking and teasing each other as they perform their sides of the job, dealing with the cables that conduct high voltage, living their lives among the stork’s nest and god know what else get stuck up there.

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