Nighttime blabbering 773

Here is a spike in my daily routine. Yesterday I was slowly changing my gears while writing, so the whole morning went slowly and hard. I am fighting my addiction to watching dumb videos and memes on the internet, but then again, a few dozen words I’ve added pulled me into the novel. Even though it wasn’t planned, this scene rocked my world and made me dive deep into the meat. I’m talking about historical events, liberation battles, and the Second World War that was especially gruesome in my country, despite people’s little education that ever mentioned a fraction of what really happened here. I took up half a day reading and investigating events, documents, and snippets from history books speaking about the Partisans, Tshetnics, Bulgarian occupation, and German aggression. These parts were somewhat a mystery because I haven’t really got that interested to learn the complete history of the place where I live, but now, damn, there’s so much to learn. Imagine you had a camera, snapped a picture, and uploaded it to some powerful program. Now, using this program, you press the button that says REWIND and then observe historical events taking place at that location you photographed. Well, this is something like that. Whenever a document mentioned someplace, a name of a village, or a person the street was named by, I saw it in my mind. I could describe military movement and what armies were involved in breaching the front. I could see the ghost guerilla fighters glitch among the forest trees in a location I visited and knew as the back of my hand, and hey, imagine that. I know exactly where the battle took place, where a dirt barricade was, because that dirt barricade is still there. To implement this information into the novel, all I needed to do was to bend an angle here and there, and that was it. I added five pages last night, all of them packed with useful information, yet the whole thing is not an info dump as writers usually trap themselves. This was different because the whole context portrays a reasonable understanding between a father and a son. One interesting fact was used to show the relevance of an old story, a legend with the current events. My hero is at his lowest low, and this mention of wars was one thing that shows “It could be worse, but it also can become better” type of moment. Today, I am in this same place, with the same energy, threading the novel like a master, and I enjoy every second of it.

And here is a photo that is somewhat relevant to the story. You are looking at Miss Yugoslavia from 1968 possing near MiG 21. I used this data to amplify the realistic feel and relatableness of an old man telling stories because they usually meander with their storytelling techniques. It’s not that important for what is said, but it gives this warm color to the conversation.

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