Nighttime blabbering 770

A few days ago, I began another project I haven’t mentioned before. This time, it’s noting related to writing, but it is equally creative and fun. Do you remember that competitive writing contest in Croatia where I managed to publish two of my stories? Did you know that the same contest also allows people to compete in art such as cover images made from scratch and short comic book sheets? They announced another contest coming late in September, and again, as always, they allow people to send their images and art, unpublished, to become a cover image. They are adding titles and subtitles in editing, so you only need to provide them with an image or an art piece while following the proportions and directions they requested. This time, I want to give them a full package, a story, and a cover, just to spice things up and see what works.

Also, I am using this as a break from writing, a side project, a tool to shake up my imagination and form, and use this as thinking time for the next scene. I haven’t painted in a long time, and this comes as good practice and an excuse to dab into what I always liked. Painting in Photoshop was my first hobby, my first step into fiction. You can say this is a way to keep in touch with my roots and humble beginnings, but I see it as a relaxation and a creativity booster. I needed it. The novel I am creating is going slowly, and I sense some struggle in writing, so I am taking careful steps and giving time to my sub-conscience to resolve issues before I dive back into it. This way, I am being double productive and maintaining creativity at the peak. This is how far I came with it, and I still need to add details, a broken and torn astronaut staring at the plant. What do you think? I’ll take any advice on how to make this realistic and interesting. I am afraid I can’t show the final product due to the contest requirements.

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