Nighttime blabbering 761

Ok, here is tonight’s rambling. I am writing a novel about the mysterious deaths of girls in a small town in the south of Serbia, which is, conveniently, my little town where I am connecting a dozen local legends to tell the story in the urban fantasy genre. And my main character is an inspector, which is equal to a detective, who isn’t in his prime anymore. He is short, chubby, hot-tempered, and growing bald with an anger problem. Now, the victims were blessed with uncontested beauty, so much so that the world started taking an interest. And now, everybody wants to be included in the investigation, thus they demand the latest info about the fate of the victims. And here is the deal, since this is one high-profile case, the pressure is slowly breaking my hero into pieces. It is intentional because I need him at his lowest, so we can spot the gradual rise to a true hero with all heroic characteristics. I am sort of forcing this little guy to grow up. To make the whole concept believable, I’ve seen around fifty criminal cases and interrogations of the worst criminals to date with a commentary that explains the procedures and detective tactics that balance on the border of legal. Inspired by what I’ve learned, I am more persuaded to use the initial crime scene as a basic behavior where every distinguished change will become more pronounced and visible. It is a gradual rise of pressure, and damn it, we can see and hear the inspector’s inner thoughts while he is processing events. I’ll have to admit that this hero is a lot like me, as I can only do introspections on myself and analyze my own thoughts rather than fabricate something original and new which might not fit the story and logic. Therefore, this is where I am at this point, solving a crime while I am simmering the hero in a hellish fire of foreign interference. And the best part of it all is a foreboding will happen at the breaking point. The novel is actively involved in questions of beauty, heroism, ethics, and aesthetics. I am writing and I am deep into the story, finally zoning out whenever I am at my keyboard.

4 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 761

  1. Hot-tempered, bald and with an anger problem – if this is all we see of him early in the story, we may not empathise with his need to ‘save the world’, so letting us see his secret ‘good guy’ moments helps us keep him in our hearts.

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    • Please elaborate. He is concerned about keeping the population calm during all the commotion. He is also trying to help his partner improve his marriage with a jealous wife. Later on, we will find how his own marriage failed.

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