Nighttime blabbering 757

It’s the 34th page, and a great chance presents itself for development. A detective duo drives to the secret location to meet the Military Intelligence Coronel that leads the case of mysterious virgin deaths that fell out of the sky. In the original version, detectives just drive, observe the luscious nature around them, and observe the hills, forests, shades, and little rays of light breaching through thick vegetation. In the new version, detectives are recalling the events and frisk through what they know, attempting to straighten the story and see the tree in the forests, a sort of flying over the horizon, or as I like to call it, clear their vision with straight facts. So, this segment in the novel is upgraded with a dramatic pause where the two most informed characters forge a plan to play by when they meet the Coronel who seems unfriendly and bossy, and now, the Coronel is from a big city, and small-time detectives want to remain in charge of their own town. It’s a scene of two objects coming to a collision, a battle of minds, mystery, and tactics. If this is not an interesting and subtle exposition, I don’t know what else to write down to make this story fun to read.

But this day is a bit more special than just writing. My night was especially fun and relaxing. I had a very nice meal at lunch today in honor of many birthdays that passed and that are to pass. Yesterday my nephew was born, and today, my twin sister and I came into this world. See it as a two-day holiday in my family where spirits are elevated and we indulge ourselves with sweets and a break from work. Me, on the other hand, I am not seeing writing as a job, a chore, or anything like that. I write because I love it, and that brings me happiness. So, here I am, on my 33rd birthday, writing something fun and thrilling, celebrating the only way I know, with a great story in development, a bottle of beer in hand, and a cigarette hanging from the side of my lips. Not bad, not bad at all.

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