Nighttime blabbering 755

Let’s talk about music and how music can influence writing. Many scribblers out there prefer classic music, arias, operas, and similar acoustic works of old to inspire their writing. Now, modern times offer different genres and I am all about the modern stuff, even supporter of future stuff. Therefore, my primary choice is always to use modern sounds for inspiration. And here is the kicker, I am changing playlists whenever I am creating a different scene in my novel. An actional development where there are lots of bullets flying, the best genre is an alternative metal or metalcore sound as those are dynamic, powerful, and jumping. Try to see it as playing a soundtrack of a movie and imagining a perfect scene that would go along with it. Actually, try imagining a music video based on the song, and then neatly writing it down as a scenario. See, this is how music works for me. But not every scene is an action-packed piece, so what do I use when I am writing slower parts? I am generally listening to deep house, future bass, and variations of dubstep, even though that’s a dead genre and there are fewer and fewer producers creating decent dubstep songs. Even so, I started listening to the dubstep in 2014, where I found a few iconic numbers that today evoke some distant feelings and puts me in the mood for writing heartwarming scenes between people. So, whenever you see something bleeding with emotions, know that all of it stems from one song I heard in 2012. The songs I am talking about? Well, search for MT Eden – Sierra Leone. The number doesn’t have anything deeply emotional, but the sound and my experience while listening to that song made an impression I fondly remember, so that puts me back in that state and I am using it to create a lover’s scene, bodies entangled in white silky sheets, speaking softly to each other. Lately, my musical taste is narrowed to one heavy metal group called Spirit box, and I have their new single on repeat in my headphones. Look for Spirit box – Rhotoscope, and that will tell you everything you need to know. The scenes I am making with this music, well, they are bloody and gory with lots of violence. So, let’s play a game. Pick two songs or performers you use when you are writing a love scene and neutral – filler scene in your work, and leave it in the comments. Hey, I just might find new inspiration for something I am writing, and see this as helping a writer find his inspiration.

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