Nighttime blabbering 754

Many religious holidays in Orthodox Christianity forbid working in the field and working in the house like cleaning, renovating, washing laundry, and similar tasks, so today, a religious holiday, I am using it to edit my second novel, while waiting for editors to reach out with the sequel changes for me to correct. And, this is a wonderful day for writing, editing, and reading. I am starting my editing turn from the beginning as I learned a few more tricks and I want to implement them in my work. Most of the stuff I am changing, correcting, and changing is based on the adjectives and the tone, while grammar is still a bit of a challenge. Still, I got 70 pages in the novel, most of them slowly leading to one of the biggest events in the story when the hero meets a female character able to provide valuable information and help the case. From that point on the plot shifts to various questions about virtues, a sense of belonging and philosophical theories of beauty, ethics, and esthetics. Before that big chunk of the story, the introduction and events that led up to further development are more realistic and packed with confusion in panic actions that follow a cataclysm. So far, everything is timed perfectly and a healthy dose of ridicule is there to shake up the scenes with satire and whiffs of dread from possible unknown reactions of the government that surveys the storage case in a little community. All of this, it makes me happy and motivated to write. My plan is to do a proper novel, with little to no help, just to see if my growth did anything for me, or if it just made me stagnate. My bet is that I have made a few steps in the correct direction, which means I am more proficient at writing and storytelling. Still, editing is one of those tasks that make the story stand out with the tone, construction, and value.

And I had a long chat with my editors speaking about the potential they see in me. I am subjective, and blind to what they were saying as if I didn’t believe in their words. I mean, I agree their point of view is different than mine, but this is what’s troubling me. I just can’t understand their plans for me, and what I can do if on the right path. I just need to believe them, and their efforts, and let them guide me toward something great, if possible. Perhaps they have a point, and I just need to listen, learn and adapt.

8 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 754

  1. We never stop learning, and when someone takes the time to offer their wisdom, it’s worth opening the ears and taking notes. We never stop learning, and I still take courses and put aside one full day each week for craft skills. The world changes, and we, who make our own worlds, must listen, adapt, and repackage the worlds we want to place on the table for modern readers.

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