Nighttime blabbering 731

Yesterday my editors and I found out the core of the problem, an exact thing that broke the novel. We agreed to the following. It seems like I made a build-up in the opening section, raised it to the maximum, and held it there throughout the whole novel with the last battle scene being a hundred times more tense and action-packed than the others. So, a normal level of urgency in the novel is 100, and this battle, in the end, is 1000. It was a stupid move on my part because there are no obvious changes in rhythm, pace, and speed, so dynamic flow is interrupted and the story seems flat until the very end. Easy to fix. Kill two major scenes, and delete a few minor scenes to lay a pathway, and inclination to lead toward culmination at a slower speed, so a steady build-up makes it interesting. Too many events don’t reveal what is at stake clearly, and because of that, the story is based more on what is happening, which takes away from the character’s story. This is why the hero seems like a cardboard cut-out that just wanders around without a goal in mind, and goes from one action into another. Easy to fix. Time-stamp the process, add more scenes where the hero is deep in his thoughts and personally observes the problem, thus highlighting the stakes and his own values. The hero seems distant, merged with his surroundings, a squeamish person, a coward, and he wasn’t like that in the first installation. So, his pussification needs to change and he needs to be more of a hands-on type of guy that leads the story. In other words, around 50% of the novel needs to be sized down, to let more personal stories go through, making everything packed with tension instead of action.

My task today is to create a concept, an order of events from scratch, something I don’t usually do when writing since I keep changing my ideas while writing, and set up a skeleton of a novel that conveys the plot to the fullest. It’s not going to be easy, but after that, I at least have something to follow, a map of how to fix the sequel. Wish me luck.

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