Nighttime blabbering 685

Well, the second story I am writing is almost done. There’s the slightest need of changing some sentences to correct the flow, add charisma, and level the problematic parts, but all in all, I am talking about details. People who read the story got the plot correctly, and their advice was useful. One of the beta readers had a problem with the opening, the phrase I used was odd, misplaced, so I changed it to a more obvious innuendo to trigger a mental image I desired. The second beta reader suggested I rework the dialogue to make the character seem simpler than he already was. After I changed those things, I sent the story to my editor to reframe the adjectives into a better tense, and now the story feels more genuine. All of the people who got to read the story praised the idea, which put a smile on my face. It’s hard to devise an original approach to an alien invasion, and this thing really got them in the feels. Perhaps it’s redundant to say I am thrilled about their reaction, and proud because I did something great, but I can’t hide my satisfaction with their reaction. I am very happy and hopeful that the story will be the number one hit in the contest.

In other news, I am working on a novel, slowly developing the plot and newly added character that should bring a dynamic flow to the main story in the works. The second flow will then fall deeper in the shadow where it belongs and purposely hide the plot twist I rigged to go off near the culmination. And then, I had a lovely chat with a friend of mine. She informed me about a job position opening, and some good stuff might happen in considerable future. Now, I am just celebrating the short story I made, plan to translate it, and post it here when the results come out. I didn’t even send it yet, and I am all hyped-up about sharing it with you. Ya see, I am all smiles and giggles right now.

4 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 685

    • No, there’s no money involved, only representation of the author, and your names sort of travels through the community abroad. By abroad, I mean the region. I already broke something the last time I responded to that contest. This will be my second story, second entry.

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      • What did you break?
        It’s important to get your name out and about and associated with the good stuff. That’s the best thing about anthologies – readers can get a glimpse of new writers and … you never know the results.

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      • That’s what I broke. The reactions predominantly focused on my story in the last anthology I made in. I even shared snapshots from the GoodReads and social media where people shared their impressions, and mentioned my story. I’ve never seen people speak the same way about other stories, in any of the anthologies that came before and after that. So… I sort of broke the ice there.

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