Nighttime blabbering 683

I came here to tell you that Cage Dunn saved me again. She solved my problem around the story and the base concept of what is important in the plot. The character I chose needs a motivator, something he seeks in the story, and the rest is his voyage to achieve the goal. It’s a process of making your way through a thorned path, suffering cuts, and beating, fighting the natural elements while maintaining focus on that small bright smear at the end of a tunnel. Now I know how to frame the story, use grimdark elements and mystery to my advantage, and then gave it a spin mid-story to create a culmination. From that point on, the journey is about landing a finishing scene worthy of praise. Yeah, this story needs more emotion, more fighting spirit, more everything. I was dumb to try it another way around when there’s a proven method on how to direct a flow and model the narrative to this version of the tale.

One thing makes me hopeful. I still had a great idea, an image of what I wanted to say, but my perspective was flimsy. A different point of view works better, and I have few problems on this other path. The changes I needed to make were substantial, as the beginning turned out to be wrong, and some scenes I already wrote fell apart with this new approach. The document was salvageable, so that’s a positive thing. I’ll need another day or two to get it done and then sent it to my editors for quality check. That’s all for today. I gave this story a body, now just to add makeup, and a brand new groove before letting do its catwalk on a runway. It’s going to be a pretty story, for sure.

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