Nighttime blabbering 681

My sister, niece, and nephew went home, which means my house is empty again or it just feels quieter than when they were here. Since they went home, this freed up my schedule, and today I got back writing. One of the short stories I wrote is already sent to the editor, sorted out and fixed, and the second story I am writing goes along well. There’s a slight problem with the plot I plan on fixing as soon as I can. The end of the story is missing, and I haven’t figured out the culmination. However, the plotline and an idea I have are solid, something similar to what I wrote a few years ago, and then it’s interesting enough to keep me going. The post-apocalypse genre is somewhat depressive, a bit dark, and sad, so that’s why I see a challenge in this project to think out the box and try something new. I strive to create an emotional tone of the story, add wholesomeness, and make the tale turn on a positive side. I chose a less walked path because I know many contestants will go with the usual topics of a destroyed world, toxic earth, and a butterfly effect in their writings. Mine is invasion, seen from a different perspective. I am not going to tell you everything, but I might translate the story if it passes the contest and share it here. Don’t hold me on my word on this because I am not sure if this project will succeed.

My other plans gravitate to novel editing I neglected for a week or so, and be more proactive with job ads. Other than this, it’s hard to tell what will happen in the future. The spring is just a couple of months away, which means that I am running out of time, and the seeding season will be upon us very soon. Until that happens, there’s work to be done, and I think I am ready to get my gears going and finish it before my schedule gets filled in with other things I need to do.

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