Nighttime blabbering 659

The political situation is changing in my little country. Eco-patrol grew into a movement to protect the natural resources and they came to the streets at the same time to the ruling party organized a celebration in one of the biggest sport-event-domes we have in the country. Demonstrators blocked a few cities yesterday, protesting the Rio Tinto company’s arrival to excavate lithium deposits around one of the biggest rivers we have. Just to make it clear, the overall amount of lithium my country has, isn’t enough to change the economy or do any improvement in the global scheme of things. In other words, the profit would be little, but the cost tremendous. Seeing what this company did around the world, people are very concerned about the water quality, soil poisoning, and air pollution that will develop if this company starts working. You can look it up, and wherever this company had their mines, things turned bloody. Since politics are more interested in money, it’s expected that the same thing that happened in New Guinea will eventually happen here too.

Today at two o’clock, the demonstrators announced they will come out again in their cars, drive very slowly on all major roads which will cause an endless traffic jam, thus blocking the roads indefinitely. I am waiting to see how will that play out, and it’s weekend, when people are driving en mass to their homes to prepare for a work-week.

Masked hooligans, suspected of working with the government met the protesters yesterday and engaged them in a club fight in an attempt to disperse the crowd. Needless to say, the protesters beat the crap out of them, and moments later, intruders all went inside the window-tinted cars, a sign of governmental vehicles, and drove off. Tinted glass is banned by law in my country and you can’t register your car if you have darkened glass, so the existence of these cars means only the government is using them. It’s the manner they went inside that looks suspicious because these hooligans got in as if they practiced it. The whole thing looks like a trained routine like order came and they simultaneously jumped inside the expensive vehicles.

Riot police also responded, but no bigger incident happened last night. The news didn’t report about the protests, they only showed the festive atmosphere of the ruling party celebration that took place, where popular singers sang for the crowd. To sum it up. Government sings, eats and drinks, while the people are protesting over water, land, and hunger.

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