Nighttime blabbering 658

Today’s day went as follows. Checking the email and notifications, the first cup of coffee, a breakfast, potatoes, and sausages, lessons from a 6-part course in CMS that lasted 3 hours, second cup of coffee, editing a novel for 3 hours, ten pages sorted out, lunch, sauerkraut with crispy bacon, finished editing and checking up on the sci-fi portal, convo with the editor in charge, consolidating the publishing schedule, posting an article, massive share on social media, movie night, dinner, a slice of bread and some salami, plans for tomorrow. This is probably a day in my life, things I do on regular basis. Soon, I’ll begin to try out the stuff I learned on my other blog because I don’t want to break something here and ruin the theme. After I feel confident in what I’ve learned so far, I am going to contact the maintenance people and let them point me to another field I need to research before I land a job. It’s going slowly, but I am making progress.

Perhaps some of you didn’t notice, but I organized the sidebar on the blog, added the Instagram photos I posted, a shortcut to my profile, if you are interested. I am posting photos and photoshop projects I made as well as some positive reviews I got on my first novel. I might change some settings on this blog, refresh the design and implement some little things to make it pop. I am running this theme from the start and I like it, but I realize it’s becoming boring. Would you like me to set up something new in here, or leave it as it is? I’ve also noticed that some of the people I follow locked their previous content and started over with new blogging schemes like a fresh beginning, turning the page, marking a new era in their life. I wonder why people do that, just out of the blue. Why so critically change the appeal, format, and content? I am a bit confused, but I know the change is what they needed and so this is what sparks their creativity and inspiration to keep blogging instead of shutting down everything. Perhaps I am late with the changes, or I don’t really need one. I am just thinking about it. I can’t do anything substantial now, while I am taken with other projects in my life, but I might do something little to reorganize this blog.

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