Nighttime blabbering 657

The first chapter is complete. Other writers segment their chapters into a dozen paragraphs, but I am sizing up mine into 40 to 60 pages. Overall, the chapter is like a story on its own with the intro, plot drive element I can use multiple times, culmination, the resolve of the situation, and a cliffhanger to take the reader to the next chapter. With 6 chapters put together, I made a novel, but there are some smaller parts here and there like side chapters. Every now and then, I add a smaller chapter with a different point of view, something to clarify or get the reader more interested in what will happen later. This technique of switching from one point of view to someone else’s provides the sense of mystery, even if the odd passage doesn’t give much of the story, but enough to reveal a useful element. The only way I can describe this is like showing a Chekhov’s gun, a piece that will be important later in the story, a foreshadowing if you will, but a fun thing just for the sake of fun. The following chapter then continues where the previous stopped, so every ending is a new beginning for the next block of text. Oh, did the character just end someone’s life, and the scene fades to black while the camera zooms on his facial expression of dread? Good. The next chapter begins with the character heavily smoking a cigarette, absently staring at the body beneath his feet, dubious thoughts swarming inside his mind, and then the rain fell. Odd chapter would show how the victim planned out the murder of a hero, solidified the agreement, and the main plot just goes and kills him before the plan went through. So, it’s a happy mistake, and the haunting of a crime lingers within the hero, while nobody reacts to it. I mean, now we are calculating that everyone knows what was suppose to happen, but we only experience what the hero is experiencing in the moment. Writing isn’t easy, but it’s a lot of fun.

Onto the next chapter.

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