Nighttime blabbering 655

I’ve been watching the news lately, and I am confused by the case of Kyle Rittenhouse. I am not picking sides here, and I don’t live in America, so whatever I think, doesn’t matter. I am just thinking about it. For those that don’t know, Kyle brought a riffle to the ongoing riot where demonstrators pillaged the area, and a group of them chased him, attacked him for some reason, and he fired his weapon, killing a few of the assailants. He was found not guilty because the defense took a stand of self-defense. Now, I am all about self-defense, and I think most people are pro-self-defense, but there are some things I can’t comprehend properly. I mean, a teenager willingly went into the riots and brought a riffle to a place where violence was guaranteed. The reason why he went is confusing to me. There are several reasons, and from what I saw, there are different guesses why he was there. Of course, some people suspect it was on purpose because it’s sort of impossible for him not to realize that he is about to enter inside the violent zone, so the whole thing sounds planned. On the other hand, other people claim he went there to protect the city and private property. And here is what I don’t understand. If there was about to be violence, the reports already came in about looting, burning, and property damage, and he went in there without any consideration of his life, so did Kyle value his own wellbeing over the city property? It gives the question, would I be courageous enough to risk my life for going inside the riot where rowdy people throw stones at the glass and burn the dumpsters? Police reaction to property damage, usually allows the demonstrators to do whatever they want, because insurance will cover the damages of private businesses, and the city will restore their own vandalized buildings after the riots simmer down. And I have to say that I don’t support any violence whatsoever, so the people who caused damages should be arrested and forced to pay for repairs. That sounds fair to me. You made a mistake, you fix the mistake.

And then, there’s shooting. If I came at you with a bat, figuratively speaking, bashed you a couple of times, while you have a rifle in hand, and you shoot me… that’s a clear case of self-defense. A couple of people, get this, chased an armed boy, with violent intesions, hit him multiple times, and fired their weapons at each other… at each other, both sides exchanged rounds. A shootout from which Kyle came on top. The most confusing thing in the whole story to me is, why the hell everyone there had guns on them? If Kyle brought the rifle with a plan to make a mess, the same can be said about the armed protesters. I mean, you went to a protest, with a freaking firearm. Why? I get the gist of having a weapon inside the house because of the house intrusion, but out in public? But there are bad people outside. You have police for those things.

I can’t figure out that little piece in the story. America is wild. I don’t know what to think anymore, and it really doesn’t matter what I think. Not my place or obligation to solve this. If you are an American, I just hope you are safe out there.

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