Nighttime blabbering 654

Editing, writing, learning, eating and sleeping, that’s how I spent my past two days. All is going well. It’s slowly becoming monotonous, but I don’t hate it. I mean, I am not enjoying everything to the fullest extent, but I don’t mind doing these things. Sometimes, a scene I am working on throws me into the world I am building and I can’t get out of it. I call that portal jumping because reality and fiction get blurred when I am in creative mode. Perhaps, this is a goal for every artist out there, but then there’s another sign this situation entails. If I am able to forget my name whenever I am into a world I am making, this sends two signals to me. The first one tells that the story is sufficiently good and holds the power to take someone onto another plain, which guarantees the story’s quality. The second signal sends the message that the experience I have while creating will be the same for everyone else that reads, a carbon copy of my own vision, now saved for another user to see. The emotions, the thoughts, the surprise, and awe are there, shared through the pages. If the first novel left a mark on people and lured positive critique, it seems that the sequel will do the same, only better. Making the second part better than the first is a goal every writer should strive for. It’s a constant improvement, updating, building up that makes people stick to reading. The third part I wrote is waiting for me, and I can’t predict when I will get to that. It’s still too early to think about it, but it’s there, waiting. I think that the third novel in the series is bringing something new in the grand picture I am painting, while the fourth is just a plan for now. Yes, I am thinking of making the fourth one, and that sequel will be the crown jewel of the saga. I already have some interconnections that string to the first, second, and third novel, as well as some scenes swarming in my mind. That project needs to wait for a long time because I have two other novels I am working on. I really try to avoid beginning one more novel. The pressure I will get from multitasking, and with my other personal plans, it will leave all three of them partially written, never to be finished. So, I am taking things slow, carefully moving forward, and enjoying my current world. Sorry for keeping this short. I’ve been writing the whole day. Tomorrow, I am going to hit the lessons, and after that, late at night, I might watch a movie.

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