Nighttime blabbering 637

The situation at the border is getting its culmination with more injured people on both sides, special police arriving to the scene, multiple gun shots and grenades’ thrown around. The political tops reacted and informed their allies in Europe and United States, the press released the news about it, and the stories are positioned differently, depended how others see the events. It seems that everyone has an opinion on this subject and provides support to their side by forming a narrative that goes along the original goals of bigger players. If this becomes a media war, bigger media houses will silence the competition, overwhelm the internet with one narrative, push their own agenda, and show the reality in different light, the one that doesn’t show the full picture. It’s that taking sides makes more problems, that there’s no neutrality, no common ground, no chance to find an adequate tone when speaking to each other. Propaganda does what it does best. They are smart, and this is not the first time they play a game. There are no obvious lies, no hardcore truths, but glimpses of bad things that only one side did, never bringing up was it a reaction to a previous event, or is this particular scandal a blatant provocation. This goes for both sides of the border, not just their, or mine. The truth is always between the lines, and that segment in writing is always left black, no letters to tell you what really happened.

However, one thing remains. People are people. People want to spend their times with their families, to work and to live their lives to the fullest. They have no need for turmoil, wars and misery. Borders don’t meant nothing to them. They are invisible, non existent, not important. A majority of people, in every country teaches their offspring of love for the country they are born in, they smile at their child’s face as they pat their back and kiss their forehead. Majority of parents actually give their best not to raise a man, but a human, someone who considers itself part of the world, a member of human kind, someone whos eyesight isn’t blurred by the doings of politicians, someone who hears the talk, but listens to its hearth and can tell right from wrong. It’s the noisy minority that clamors for war and decay, oblivious to the sacrifice they support.

The hope still lingers.

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