Nighttime blabbering 636

The previous four or five posts were somewhat darker than usual, so I decided to change it up tonight, and take you to the countryside. A weekend before the past one I had my twin sister visiting, and every time she is here, we take a mandatory walk around the estate. There are a few places where we like to go. One of them is a hillside with a dirt road in the valley with meadows surrounding the place. There are small forests here and there, and spacious hills in the middle. Above this stretch of land is an orchard with a long fence to keep the wildlife out and protect the fragile apple trees. Our estate is downhill from the fence. There’s a meadow with the foundation of an old mud hut and a grand walnut tree at the center of the land. From there, another meadow connects with the upper one and ends at the treeline downhill. There’s a small oak forest where I planted Red Oak trees to repopulate the area. After the forest, there’s a third meadow with a slight decline to the hedge where the road is settled. After that, the hills begin to form, and then there’s a hill after a hill after a hill leading toward the village.

This time, I wanted to check up on the Red Oaks I planted, and see how much they’ve grown since the last time I saw them. It was also a perfect occasion to collect the walnuts as one kilogram of them has a good price every year. My sister and I took a walk, followed the road, conversed about life and situations, as we always do. When we reached the hedge and an entrance, we stepped into our estate. The grass was smaller than expected because the meadows were mowed twice a year, yet this season was unfavorable for any culture, so even grass didn’t grow properly. I really pitty cattle herders in my village because it seems they will have to buy hay bales and straw bales just to survive the year. My stables are empty for over a decade and I can’t imagine myself going back to herding.

We took the climb uphill and entered the forest, one of the places where you are blessed with endless silence and tranquility so much so that you are practically alone in your mind. It was pleasing to see the Red Oaks branching and forming a decent crown. With the fine weather and enough sunlight, they will grow very tall. I must’ve found the right place where to put them because there’s nothing suppressing their development, not even the small vert, vegetation, or dead stomps sticking out the ground. After this, I went to the walnut tree, picked the walnuts from the ground, tapped and thanked the ye olde tree, and found two falcon feathers. I knew one pair chose this place and forest for their habitat, but I still couldn’t find the nest in the treetops. Still, it’s a predatory bird, useful to catch field mice and hunt other birds that eat seeds and grapes. Those birds are a menace as they can completely destroy a good harvest, desolate the fields and leave nothing for the farmers, and these falcons are a god sent.

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