Nighttime blabbering 633

My sister went back to the city, so another work can begin today. I got up early, had my coffee and fetched my gloves. My father helped me carry the things out the room where my grandparents sleep, so that I can paint the walls. This is seasonal work, and we do it every year. There’s no deeper meaning behind it, except a desire to keep the house clean. It took me half a day to paint one coat, and wait for it to dry. In the second half of the day, I used my time to sort things out on the portal, and converse with a few new associates about their tasks. It seems like I haven’t had this much talk with people in ages. In the end of the day, even talking feels like great feat, and exhausting. Tonight, I am taking the things back in and placing them where I found them. Grandparents were thankful, appreciative of the job my father and I did. They have a clean room to sleep in, so that is my great deed of today.

I sent a copy of my novel to a friend I haven’t seen once in my life. She helped my figure out my skills, how much I know and how much more I need to learn about writing and publishing. For that initial helping hand, I rewarded her with a printed thank you note inside the Word of an author. There’s also a neat handwritten thank you note where I personally expressed my gratitude. The book ended in her hand yesterday, but we found time to exchange a few words today. She likes it, and we both agreed we are satisfied with how the book turned out.

Today was marked with lots of gratitude, from the family, friends, strangers in the shop. I head many thank you, and that phrase stuck in my mind. It’s as if we don’t say it that much, that often, or I haven’t noticed how many time people word it out. Sometimes, you don’t need to speak, but nod, or smile, or wink to let someone know you appreciate them and their work. Perhaps this day was somehow special. Yesterday was a anniversary from the 5th October revolution. The parliament burned, so you know it got serious. That was around twenty years ago. Other travesties happened lately, a whole family was executed, mafia style, not far from where I live, and the media won’t stop talking about it. Perhaps, people saw the news, the reminders, the talking heads altering the facts and recalling of the past to freeze in a moments, stop to shake their heads and find out how lucky we are today to have each other. People got shook back to conscience, and begun recognizing other humans around them. They are aware of others, and perhaps that’s why people suddenly became grateful, respectful, considering to a fellow human. Perhaps I am still asleep, or the only one awake in this hour. It’s really hard to tell which is which.

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