Nighttime blabbering 632

The situation at the border is deescalating. The opposite special forces cleared from the area, and our heavy combat vehicles vanished into the night. Foreign commentators stated that the population is safe. The opposite prime minister and our president expressed that the situational commotion was avoided and that the agreement was achieved. Both countries with their people residing there are skeptical and left with a sour feeling that the agreement was unsatisfactory. One side can’t get a better offer than the other. Our president, on the same day the agreement was announced, visited a few towns, and signed some contracts, among those a railway track funded by the European Union. I know this is a lobby, hush money, something to stuff the mouth so that peace could stand on its glass legs. Perhaps this sort of peace is the best they could achieve for now, or this was a plan all along. Let me explain.

Let’s say you and I agree to have a shouting contest, while the rest of our friends watch us throw fits. Our powerful friends must pick a side, decide which one of us is a better friend to them. You and I, we know how to increase the pressure, so You begin throwing your hands in the air, while I am clenching fists and grind my teeth, but both of us watch at our friend’s reactions. And so, they cut in, place distance between You and I, and then the negotiations begin. Friends tell us we need to calm down, and that they understand where the anger comes from. You and I nod, tap their shoulder, prepare them a feast, and smile at them with respect. You and I say, “Yeah, you are my best friend. I trust you”, and our friends nod, content with the situation deescalating. Somewhere in the conversation, our friends know this can still go wrong if there’s no motive to keep the peace, so they offer to You and I something to keep us busy. “You need funds, you need connections, you need help or some clearance in a world organization? Come on, let me help you, and show you what a good friend I am,” they tell to both of us, and we pick something we could use. We pick the medium expensive offer, not to present ourselves as needy, or greedy, something as a gift, a show of friendship. And then we keep our mouth shut, You and I shake hands and everyone goes to their corner. And then… we wait for another occasion to start shouting contest… again. But we don’t pay for these favors with money, someday we’ll pay it in blood, or send our young to the foreign lands to work and prosper, to elevate someone else’s economy while we keep on struggling. Our friends help us with one hand and take with another. This is how politics work. This is why I hate politics.

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