Nighttime blabbering 631

I took the third, booster doze of Pfizer, and my left arm is a bit swollen. It only hurts when I touch the spot where the vaccine went in, but there’s no problem at all. I used this day to send one more copy of my novel to a friend I never met, but I hold dear. It’s a girl that helped me find my path at the beginning of this writing journey, and I even dedicated this first novel to her, and a couple of more friends that guided me to success. Yesterday was a busy day for me. The Association got a several new associates and contributors, so I spent the whole day talking to them, organizing their assignments and got to know them. Pleasant people, creative, collaborators in nature. So, yesterday I got exhausted from all of the talking and multitasking because I calibrated several articles on the portal, and today I went to the city, which was also time consuming and exhausting in its own way, but tomorrow my twin sister is coming to a visit, so that will be entertaining, and a chance to take a break from all of the running around. There are just a few more things I have to take care of, and then I can lift my feet, cross my hands and enjoy.

Writing will have to wait until I organize pressing tasks, and find a day when I will completely dedicate to creating new worlds, and edit the old one I already designed on paper. There’s a hefty collection of episodes I saved on my computer to watch, and I thing tonight is the time to catch up with the latest developments in the series. I am currently following “See” and “Foundation”. They are good, perhaps better than some series I watched, and I am finding room for improvement. Overall, I look forward to kick back, and enjoy the show, but in the back of my mind, I am slowly finding pieces for a great scene that needs to be written in a dozen of pages. Writers’ work is never over, and I am always looking for a great moment to capture.

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