Nighttime blabbering 626

More work was announced to me, but this time, it’s right in front of my house, and it’s a lot of lumber. I mean, if I chopped 70 cubic meters last year, and this year I chopped 46, the amount waiting on me is plus 30 meters, so I might break a record. I have people helping, so it’s not as bad as you might think. The good news about this is that the whole stock is already sold, so there’s this little problem of making it a firewood. It could take me a week to push through all of it because the lumber dried on the Sun for a month, and in this scorching heat, things dry up quickly. Dry wood is almost impossible to split, an ax head jumps from it like hitting a rubber, and the edge is prone to jamming inside the stomp, so safety measures are put on high alert for potential injuries. The autumn is almost upon us, and cold weather provides shade, so I won’t sweat too much, which is good. I am close to my house, so I can take a break whenever I want, have a cup of tea, get a snack, and take rest in heated home. Working conditions are better than my previous jobs, but the pay is the same. It’s not a steady jobs, and there are no benefits to this except from having a physical activity, some exercise, and some money in the end of the day. And then again, after the working day is over and I am at home at night, there’s time to work on the novel, write and rewrite the scenes, watch a movie or just take a braindead campaign in the game I am playing. Overall, things could be worse, so I am not complaining and actually enjoy this sort of work. It’s just not bad, not bad at all.

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