Nighttime blabbering 625

I submitted my Patreon account for deletion. In a month, everything I posted there will be erased, as if it never happened. This is one final goodbye, pulling the plug and waiting for the nature to take it’s course. It was fun, and I had pretty neat short stories there, so I’ll keep them in a safe place for when I have use of them again. You can read all about my experience with Patreon on this blog. I realized that this platform, even though it has a great goal and idea behind it, was not for me. You need people, focus and great marketing mind to make something good there. Someone out there might be successful in the way I couldn’t, so even with my lousy time there, I don’t hate the concept or the people holding that platform together. The hell, some creators on Patreon made a killing, and a lot of YouTubers used Patreon as a great side job that actually paid better than the regular job. But hey, you need to know what are you doing and how to promote your page. It’s not easy, as everything else in life, but you know, little steps forward and in time you’ll get to where you want to be.

I am chilling now over a movie and just taking in everything that happened for the past four years of having Patreon. My mind sort of steers in multiple directions, searching for something else to do instead Patreon. I don’t ever plan to try finding a similar platform with the same function and idea. I should focus on the job ads, and writing those novels I keep talking about. It will consume my time, take my mind off of things and give me something to do in the meantime. Overall, I am just sitting here, thinking, which is some sort of fun, if you are a creative at heart.

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